Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am so JEALOUS!!!


hai guys!!!we meet again!!!after my broken spec i rite???yeah!!of course dear!! im not forgetful person...sometime,heyyy!!this is my blog oke!!!
for this entry i would like to speak fully english...alaaahhh..u know speaking london..say it again...
speaking london not almond london..yup!!hari raya
coming soon!!oh god...i really cant wait the moment of hari raya..of course not only me but muslims and muslimah..
i'll not using bombastic words or sentences...same reasons like before...still in learning process ok guys???can u accept it??i hope so...
i loves english but not so confident to speak and very2 bad of vocab, grammar n what so ever....u wanna laugh????
ahhh....!!DID I CARE??u feel that i embarrass myself by publish this entry juz bcoz of my bad english???i repeat again dear!!NOPE!!NEVER!!I DONT CARE!!
if u feel itz funny juz laugh as long as u me this is the way how wanna make myself to improve english when so sleepy guys!!cant i sleep now???it was too long i waited this moment to speak english in my luvly blog...seriously...i also using mr. google translate in helping me to complete this entry perfectly although i know it wasnt perfect..few people have said

"alaahh..ko xpayah nk poyo sgt la nk speaking..dh xtau tu ckp melayu sdh..!!"

others said..

"ko xyah ckp omputih lg bgs la...!!"

come on people..who u r wanna said that kind of words??this entry were not belong to me actually coz this is only my opinion about someone that can speaking with confidence even their english really bad....BUT IM NOT THE ONE THEM!!NO CONFIDENCE!!BAD SPEAKING!! was lack of confidence person...
that makes me feel very down..n upset with myself..when "poyo" time comes i will speaking with my member like tmah so funny...
thats good for us to laugh..stress go freely and dump us..hahahah...thats really wrong sentences...sorry guys...
hey,who's that??his name is muammar maybe...not so sure..his from the other claz...from claz c..
muammar...sorry to u coz i take ur pic wthout ur permission.. mamarazzi....OF COURSE NOT!!
its candid...why i captured his pic??coz i wanna make him as an example...GOOD EXAMPLE OKE!!sorry for pic quality..quite blur...but nice...people cannot recognize his face...heheehee...
this is during imd253 presentation on wednesday..
as university student miss ada want us to speak fully english... afraid when lecturer want us present in fully shaking!!!nope..nope...this is not my group presentation...he should be commended because he have the confidence even his english not really good..
he didnt care even if the audience laugh to him..what i feel is HE WAS BRAVE PERSON...example of sentence he says is..

"my wrong..."

actually miss ada asked him about the presentation but i cant remember what it is..then he answer that time all audiences laugh...including me... little bit funny but he looks really really cool babe...thats make me proud of him..high degree of confidence in him is no on is correct my sentence??
something weird with the sentence right??thats from mr google translate..heheh...
i need mr google translate to help me...but not all words is correct..ahhh..whatever..
not 100% trust it..where can i get high confidence level in myself??
i want my confidence back just like when i came to PLKN..but in PLKN just speak in maybe its different situation..we are familiar with malay language which we use everyday..not english language..but few person used english language with their that will make them perfect when speaking, i was impressed with my ex-roommate in part 1..syida abu ani...she used all bombastic word and sentences..
she is the best student in uitm...can u imagine that??
oh god!!her course is diploma in accounting..of course she got ANC or ANUGERAH NAIB CANSELOR..
if u wanna know about her juz click at her name..she is gifted,pretty, cute,cute and cute..but now she's continuing her study in degree of accounting..
when i read her blog i cant understand what the entry was about...for a few entry shows her english are very seems like high level english..where she learn that huh??
SO JEALOUS!!i wanna be like her..hah!!2 more persons..kak atul n syida sani..
they are also good in english...they have their own confidence...JEALOUS TOO!!kak atul loves to talk loud during presentation..
what i see is her confidence will come when she spoke strongly..she loves to try and try to be the best till get the target she want..she always giving me some advice..
syida..i loves her cheese tart..she's good in bakery..
i thought in her holiday while waiting to get into her degree on september..she receive an order to make cakes...then sell it to customers..
i loves to fight with her..and she will mad at me coz i always make her angry..heheheh..not really fighting..according to mr google translate...FIGHT CHILD...hahahahahahahhahahahaha..hahahahah
do assigments together..walking to the claz together..and more important im the last person arrived to the claz even i walk together with them..they walk juz same like tiger and me like turtle..hahahha..i always be the last person...coz im late..icluding when doing our asgmts...they are intelligent person...but they always support me..THANKS GUYS!!
now they are going fastrack..further on still diploma..its not like them..they are clever slow learner..i cant chase and follow them to apply fastrack coz im not that good..they have rent a house at puncak perdana uitm and stay together with kak zida as well..all of them are intelligent..
to kak atul n syida..THANKS A LOT COZ HELP ME IN STUDIES..PUSHING ME TO STUDY..because im the person who needs to be push when study..
so lazy i am..heheheh..AND SORRY FOR EVERYTHING OVER 3 SEMESTERS knowing me..
i thought i start to be nonsense...far from the real topic again..hehehehe..
sorry guys..juz wanna cherish my members that
willing to help me improved my studies and pointer..i hope i can improve, improve and improve..insyaAllah..for Allah..parents, family and future.. is hard knowing u???
it is hard to learn about u.??
nothing too late right??learn..learn..and learn...i hope i can get the CONFIDENCE!!!yeahhh!!english come to mama!!so poyo!!hahaah...bubye guys..c u again!!

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