Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Further or Not??


oit..oit...heee..please guys dont be mad!!so so sorry coz itz too long not updating new entry..
same up...
since when u learn that "shut up" huh??!!well..since update this entry laa..aiyak!!=P..IM IN DILEMMA!!love triangle???with who???when??please syamim please dont be over begging just typing oke...nor either talking or speaking...same meaning!!talking to myself...who else i wanna talk to??everyone is entertain with their dreams right alone..hahaha..lari topik la ko..the thing is...errr..errmmmm...aaahhhh....


can u answer for me??i wanna asking u 1 more question...


certain people think they must further in degree bcoz they have too, maybe someone forcing or maybe they love it..perhaps for the future and perhaps for suke-suke...what im saying??ignore it!!most people out there further coz looking for a high salaries..i didnt say all..i said MOST...
n bla bla blaaa...i knew we shouldnt stop when it was about getting knowledge that assist us to become a better person someday....bak kate pepatah 

"belajar biarlah sampai ke negara China"

am i correct??assume it as correct ok??heee...why China??not Malaysia??yeahhh..cant be denied Chinese people always far at home for 3 days actually n have finish for part best friend mkck shida have finish her diploma in banking n start to apply jobs..gud luck dear..she had applied for her degree program in islamic banking n human resource i what about me??just wait n see the result that can make me kill...anything could happen to my result..~.~..worrying!!please result..dont stop my heart..i dont wanna get heart attack..

hey talk about my dilemma..not the other topic oke..before this i've met this auntie at KLSentral n have conversation about degree in library science in my previous entry n now i didnt know what should i choose..either library science or mass comm in publishing..or maybe just apply for a jobs after my final sem in diploma of information management..please dont be confused my diploma with information technology because we are totally different..information management only basic of the parents didnt force me to further my studies..they thought maybe its good for me looking for a jobs after diploma bcoz im the last child which dont have heavy mom said..

"kamu kne keje cpt2 sbb kamu ni byk pakai duit.." silly!!!
in previous i thought i will choose library science but sejak kebelakangan ni i thought i wanna choose publishing..the reasons??


 this is my assignment in part 5 for electronic publishing subject..we are required to make a newsletter about anything..randomly..n my lecturer pn hazila really sporting with us..i like her subject..
 the other assignment to make a poster..i knew this poster isn't good enough to be proud right??lot of things i  had learned from this subject..i hope i can improve my skills in using photoshop, illustrator n indesign..this poster i think the color its too dark n something wrong..both of the assignment is for individual assignments...
 i've asked someone that got an experiences in mass comm publishing..i add her as friend..i asked her about her studies on that program n it sounds interesting..too many question i asked her..seriously..n she older than me n really kind n friendly person..her name is nadia alias n now she working as graphic designer at cosmetic product company..while further master in can visit her work blog where she publish her work in the entry..i very very thanks to her even she is a busy person she still reply my i had sent a picture of my final project that done by me n other members.. the theme is to make a newsletter 
also n we has chosen about air asia magazine..

but i'd showed her my part only....hehehe...she said i got a "mata seni"..i didnt know either she only wanna care about my feelings or what but thanks for the compliment nadia..i really appreciate it with flying colors u know!!hahaha...oh god!!nadia have explained to me about the subjects in the program deeply..she told they need to make a magazines 100 pages or something..writing..designing magazines layout..that inspired me too!!she gave some advice too..she also said in the interview session i should bring my work n show to the interviewer..

start from this electronic subject i realized that should i take graphic design if i love to make it..hummm..i dont have any decision yet..anyone could tell me??anyone??anyone??both list of my chosen program got their own risks ...because for library science i just going through n follow the flow..the risks is it is good or not when you are just followed the flow???n for the mass comm publishing was my interest which have a risks to compete by others IPTA or IPTS,need a lot of money..besides, it takes 3 years to complete my degree...u know....when we change the courses we must start from the 1st sem..if not, only 2 to 2 and a half years to finish our degree...if 3 years i thought its too long..what always keep in my mind is if 3 years how long i need a time for a job..on my age of 25 maybe i can start to find a job...too old lahhhh!!!HELPPPP MEEEEE!!!!

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